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ACCO NuttingConveyer & Caster is collaborating with Nutting to bring high quality trailers and trailer products to the market. Nutting trailers are used to haul and transport goods in plants, centers, factories, and terminals.

Nutting is literally a company on the move with “all the right moves”, seeking continuously to give you precisely what you demand: more reliable...better efficiency...greater economical equipment… all with the tough, durable, and dependable products you have come to expect from a hard working quality organization.

Warehouse Trailers

Nutting offers high quality warehouse trailers to provide innovative logistic solutions for hauling or transporting goods at your facility. The trailers are built for warehouse applications to withstand the toughest environments in providing reliable and dependable service.

The Caster Steer Trailer (Series 52) are typically designed for use on hard floor surfaces in distribution warehouses, plants, centers, factories, and terminals. The Nutting caster steer trailers are an excellent choice for transporting loads when considering the versitility for either pushing/pulling by either power or manual force. The caster steer trailers are durable to withstand the rigorous of tugger towing and manageable to utilize the flexibility of manual carting. The caster steer trailer can be used as an independent order picker and then connected into a train of trailers for hauling or transporting goods in the warehouse.

The Nutting Caster Steer Trailer is one of the most common used trailers for warehouse application; however, the QUAD-STEER (four-wheel steer) and DUAL-STEER (two-wheel steer) trailers located under industrial trailers are popular choices for warehouse applications as well.

Nutting Caster Steer Trailers available from Conveyer & Caster

Nutting Caster Steer Trailers

Towable, durable, affordable - Nutting trailers make warehouses work

Nutting Caster Steer Trailers
Nutting 52 Series Caster Steer Trailers are of the highest quality, featuering precision swivel casters with dual ball bearings on hardened-raceways.

Features & Benefits

Features Reinforced Rounded Corners
Dual utilization capability
Multiple caster & wheel options
Zero wheel pivot rotation
Multiple deck options
Benefits Protect and prevent damage to material and infrastructure
Power tug & manual push capability
Versatility in meeting all operational conditions
Wheels under load at all times
Provides optional friction design for transporting goods


Caster Steer trailer - Quad steer and dual steel models availableOur Trailers are the showcase of our product offering with QUAD-STEER (four-wheel steering) and DUAL-STEER (two-wheel steering) trailers utilizing four different steering configurations; caster steer, link caster steer, fifth-wheel steer, and automotive steer with multiple deck, wheel, coupler, and superstructure options.

Our Allied Products include a wide variety of material handling and special purpose equipment; platform trucks, wagon trucks, hand trucks, shelf trucks, skids, dollies, casters, wheels, and more. These products are produced to exacting standards while continuously striving to improve product performance through aggressive product research and development.

Our products are designed, constructed, delivered, and supported with total product performance and satisfaction by offering strong, robust, reliable, and dependable products utilized the latest design technology and highest quality components with design emphasis on durability, simplicity, ergonomics, maneuverability, and maintainability.

Our fabricating services include the usage of state-of-art equipment aimed at processing and producing at the highest and finest industry standards; our highly skilled and trained workforce combined with high quality machinery provides us the means of constructing our products utilizing the uppermost level of product integrity.

Our engineering services include specialized design expertise for custom-engineered products by considering your current environment, handling objectives, and operating constraints. Then, working closely with you, we identify innovative custom product solutions aimed at delivering the most reliable, efficient, and economical equipment.


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