Wire Partitioning Secures and Protects Computer Equipment

Computers kep secure by wire paritioning

Protecting the integrity of business data has never been more crucial. In addition to hardware and software failures, network hackers, computer viruses and social engineering, post-9/11 terrorism and power outages cost businesses millions of dollars every year. BlueBridge Networks, a leading facilities-based provider of disaster recovery and business continuity services, came to Conveyer & Caster for help in securing and protecting their client’s computers and equipment.

Discussions with BlueBridge Networks officers revealed many unique challenges for their security needs. Among the requirements were:

  1. Modular design and flexibility
  2. Anchoring the partitions to an elevated tile floor
  3. Specific doors and locking mechanisms
  4. Aesthetics of the equipment to match their high-tech surroundings
  5. Competitive pricing for their tenants
  6. Professional installation
Wire paritioning security solution

Conveyer & Caster responded with woven steel wire partitions using standard 4’ and 8’ long panels, attached to specially designed posts with oversized baseplates. The baseplates were designed to “sandwich” the elevated tile floor between mounting plates, providing a clean look and structural integrity.

Sliding doors were selected to maximize access to each customer’s enclosure, while minimizing aisle space between the rows of cubicles. Each client can specify the type of locking device. Doors are provided with standard key locks and an optional Rutherford Controls electro-mechanical lock and keypad for additional security.

All the components were painted Royal Blue in color to match the BlueBridge Networks corporate colors.

Locking door on wire parition solution

Conveyer & Caster installation personnel erected the wire enclosures on the fifth floor of BlueBridge Networks Cleveland, Ohio headquarters. Care had to be taken to install the partitions around existing computers and customers. Our installers were required to vacuum any debris generated during assembly to minimize dust around the sensitive equipment. Each row of partitions was grounded to the building through the tile sub-floor.

BlueBridge Networks is constantly expanding and adding wire enclosures. The flexibility of the system and Conveyer & Caster’s ability to modify the equipment will help BlueBridge Networks meet their customer’s needs and expectations. Learn more about BlueBridge Networks at

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