125 Series Low Profile Cleated Belt Conveyor

125 Series Low Profile Conveyor
125 Series Low Profile Conveyor
Belting Standard White Urethane (optional belts available)
Cleated Surface Allows for product separation and singulation on conveyor
Drive Assembly Crowned sealed drive assembly with a straight knurl design to prevent premature wear and to promote superior belt tracking, equipped with sealed bearings, requiring no lubrication.
Tail Assembly Crowned sealed tail assembly with straight knurl design to prevent premature belt wear with single point tension is achieved through a snap-in eccentric tail assembly to provide quick and easy belt change.
Widths 2" to 24" available
Lengths 24" to 144" available
Profile Height 1.89"
Load Capacity Up to 450 lbs (width dependent, certain applications)
Speed Range Up to 225 FPM
Drive Location End mounted specifically per applicaiton
Floor Supports Optional, available per application
Guard Rails Variety of styles offered
Side Walls Variety of styles offered, corrugated side walls available with 1" tall cleats (as pictured)
External Controls Optional

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