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Plant mobility is key in many operations. Static office space can drastically reduce the ability of a plant to rearrange to best fit the project. SpeedSpace portable office systems help to reduce that impact.

Conveyer & Caster - Equipment for Industry has a partnership with SpeedSpace, providing our customers with economical, customizable, portable office structures for indoor or outdoor use. Every SpeedSpace building is able to be forklifted directly into position. The only site installation service required is to hook up the utilities and place the bulbs in the sockets.

SpeedSpace creates durable, high quality, portable offices by utilizing, as with many of our vendors, high quality raw materials. Through 2x4 wall construction, 2x8 floor and ceiling construction, and a heavy duty steel base, SpeedSpace creates its structures.

Speed Space unitSpeedSpace buildings are highly customizable. Need a restroom, a locker room, showers, two stories? Do you desire a brick exterior? Maybe it needs a sliding door, or even needs to be bullet resistant? Just ask, we can make it happen.

Let us know how SpeedSpace and Conveyer & Caster - Equipment for Industry can help you.


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