Steel Storage Systems

Steel Storage Systems

A storage dilemma exists for many warehouses that handle long material. Cantilever racks allow you to utilize vertical space in your warehouse for long, hard to otherwise rack products, like steel, iron or aluminum. However, you need to use a forklift to access those products, sacrificing space for the aisles. Stacking racks allow you to more densely store products, but you must remove the top layers to get at what is in the middle or on the bottom. Steel Storage Systems solved this dilemma.

Steel Storage Systems

Steel Storage Systems, with its Space Saver Rack system, allows for high density, vertical and horizontal storage of steel, aluminum, iron, pipe, and much more. Steel Storage's unique design creates an economical, long term, storage solution for many metal distribution centers. The racks, similar to cantilever rack, roll out to allow for easy crane access, reducing aisle width and increasing storage capacity by folds.

Steel Storage Systems also provides excellent solutions for the storage of sheet steel with their Roll-Out Sheet Storage Racks. This system effectively works like a chest of drawers. Each shelf sits on rollers, allowing an operator to easily move the load in and out of the system.

Steel Storage Systems

But it does not end there; Steel Storage Systems also manufactures extremely heavy-duty conveyors for steel handling. Whether it's I-Beams, Channel or Angle, their conveyors can help move your product without a problem. With a myriad of accessories, like chain transfers, stops, and traffic cops, your solution could be a call away.

Steel Storage Systems is a valued partner of Conveyer and Caster – Equipment for Industry. Steel Storage Systems has produced solutions for its valued customers since 1967.

Call Conveyer and Caster – Equipment for Industry and ask to speak with a technical sales specialist to begin creating your steel handling solution today!

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