297S Heavy Duty Structural Frame Gravity Conveyor

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Series Specifications


2-9/16″ x 7 gauge steel tubing, with flanged type bearings, pressed into straight ends


4″ at 5.4 lbs structural steel painted channel. All frames have butt type couplings.


11/16″ hex shaft, spring loaded


Available in 1′-0″ increments from 1′-0″ to 10′-0″


Integral plain ball bearings, zinc plated and grease packed

Frame Capacity

540 lbs per roller or 3,750 lbs maximum distributed live load per 10′ section with supports at 10′ centers; 8,000 lbs with supports at 5′ centers


To prevent pinch points that exist when gravity conveyors are permanently attached to power conveyors, use connector brackets with safety pop-out rollers.

Technical Drawings

297S Heavy Duty Structural Frame Gravity Roller Conveyor 

Set Low
Set High

24-hour shipments available for
all 1-foot increments from 1'-0" to 10'–0"

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