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C-130 on Jacks

About 20 years ago, Columbus Jack approached Conveyer & Caster for help. Columbus Jack was seeking a proven supplier of casters and wheels for the aircraft jacks they manufacture.

They had been purchasing casters from a variety of suppliers, which created problems. Sometimes an identical part from one supplier wasn’t so identical to that of another. Further, when a customer was in need of replacement parts, it made it difficult to identify the correct supplier. Conveyer & Caster’s team of caster specialists helped Columbus Jack to standardize their caster requirements.

Columbus Jack frequently uses casters that are not industry standard; they rely on the design and engineering capabilities of Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry. According to Bill Handin, Senior Purchaser at Columbus Jack, “You make it easy to get the right caster the first time. Because of this, we can focus our efforts on the rest of the product; making it better for our customers.”

Jack Stand in use on Saab 340

Handin went on to say, “Your level of service is incomparable. I can remember this past Christmas; we were in a pinch for some very custom casters. Our customer had moved up the delivery date. Through a blizzard, your salesman drove the casters to us from Michigan. I hope our customers have similar stories to tell about us.”

Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry’s team of specialists helps Columbus Jack maintain the high level of quality the industry demands. By focusing on Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost, together we have been able to drive down product cost, decrease lead time and provide product of ever higher quality. Columbus Jack’s products are used by many of the major domestic airlines, the US Military and several foreign airlines and militaries, along with Lockheed-Martin and Boeing.

For help choosing the right caster, call on the experts at Conveyer & Caster - Equipment for Industry.

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