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The kingpin is the single greatest point of failure in a swivel caster. Kingpinless casters eliminate this problem by eliminating the kingpin. This article explains how they work and what advantages they have.

Measuring caster stems can be tricky, this handy guide makes it simple to get the right stem the first time.

Not all casters are right for all applications. Learn what you need to consider before choosing a caster here.

Get details on the way RoHS specifications are affecting the industry, ways to get and stay ahead of your competition, and how Conveyer & Caster works with manufacturers to provide RoHS compliant parts.

Find out how to achieve greater cost savings, higher output, less traffic, more flexibility and better safety by utilizing a tugger with a train of trailers in place of a fork lift, lift truck or fixed conveyor system.

Read this white paper that highlights how ergonomics affects pushing and pulling as it is associated with wheeled carts and equipment and should play and important role in your choice of carts, wheels and casters. (PDF, opens in new window)