Vacuum Lift Pick Modules

Improve key efficiencies for your pickers with these scalable multi-level solutions from Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry.

  • Increase production throughput with semi-automated order picking
  • Improve inventory control and order accuracy with integrated picking to your existing WMS
  • Efficiently pick to a pallet and continue the flow to a pallet wrapper and/or shipping department
  • Reduce operator injuries with integrated lift assist for picking and placing
  • Increase efficiency by bringing product to the picker rather than having the picker travel to the product
  • Improve ergonomics of material handling and reduce potential for product damage with its associated cost
  • Save floor space by taking storage vertical, allowing more floor space for order picking

How it Works

Vacuum lift pick modules integrate various storage solutions that coexist in a multi-level work platform designed to push products more effectively through a warehouse or distribution center. Each SKU is assigned a rack bay with bottom level pallet flow rack that keeps the product flowing to the pick operator.

The picker places a pallet on the conveyor and pulls up the order as indicated from your warehouse management system. The operator uses the traveling lift assist to pick product onto the pallet and to fulfill multiple orders. The pallet is then labeled, processed, stretch wrapped, off loaded and shipped – all within one, cost-effective pick module.

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