Mezzanines & Vertical Lifts

It is no surprise to hear that the majority of companies need more warehouse space. But, moving, rearranging or building an add-on to a warehouse costs valuable time, energy and money. Luckily, industrial mezzanines and vertical lifts offer an economical solution to gaining precious warehouse space without sacrificing productivity. Customize your warehouse or factory with our selection of steel mezzanines, mezzanine access lifts, stairs, and other vertical lifts.

Industrial Mezzanines

Move up by incorporating steel mezzanines into the square footage your warehouse already occupies. Industrial mezzanines make a budget-conscious choice for increasing storage space without the cost and disruption of new construction. Pre-engineered steel mezzanines from Conveyer & Caster are custom designed to work with your existing floor plan to integrate single or multi-level platforms to your space. Improve workflow and maximize square footage.

Vertical Lifts

When you operate in a multi-level facility, having the right equipment for your employees is important. Vertical lifts are a safe and economical option for raising and lowering materials within your warehouse or factory. Not only do they often eliminate the need for a forklift, but they provide a fast and efficient way to move materials from point A to point B. We proudly offer an assortment of options to suit any application and streamline the buying process.

Applications for Industrial Mezzanines & Vertical Lifts

When it comes to adding space to an operation, mezzanines are a practical option for a wide variety of applications. Many industries can benefit from the safe and economical solution they provide. We offer customizable industrial mezzanines and vertical lifts for e-commerce warehouses, manufacturing facilities, food and beverage distributors and more. Our goal is to provide safe, affordable and practical options for industries across the board. Let us help you create industrial mezzanines that will improve your overall workflow.

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