Loading Dock Equipment

The proper loading dock equipment can make all the difference in the success of your operation. The goal of dock equipment is to make semi-trailer loading and unloading as efficient and productive as possible. Choose Conveyer & Caster for a full selection of loading dock equipment ranging from dock levelers and plates to bumpers and seals.

Dock Levelers

No one will argue the challenges that come along with dock operations. Having the proper dock levelers is one key component to keeping your operation running smoothly. Our selection of dock levelers is intended to bridge the gap between a truck bed and loading dock, making for a safer, more reliable, and much more efficient, delivery. Shop for hydraulic, air-powered and mechanical dock levelers to improve your facility.

Dock Boards & Plates

Customize your loading dock with steel dock boards and plates specifically geared toward the layout of your operation. Our dock boards offer the range in capacity and length required to handle even the most challenging situations. Need a more efficient option? Dock plates eliminate the need to regularly move, store and rotate dock boards by being permanent fixtures on your existing loading dock.

Dock Seals

Your operation doesn’t slow down just because the weather changes. Create a more energy-efficient solution to your loading dock with dock seals. Seal off your warehouse from the outside elements even while loading or unloading a semi-trailer. Dock seals can be fastened directly to the outside of your building and can help to regulate your heating and cooling costs. Keep things running smoothly year-round with dock seals from Conveyer & Caster.

Dock Bumpers

Accidents are unavoidable, but they are also very expensive for your operation. Dock bumpers add a barrier of protection for your loading dock. Easily mountable and available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your specific warehouse, dock bumpers offer the necessary protection from impact damage. Shop for rectangular, D-shape, L-shape, and T-shape dock bumpers to suit your specific application. 

Applications for Loading Dock Equipment

In many industries, the loading dock is the hub of the entire warehouse. From retail to food and beverage industries, you can’t have a successful operation without an efficient loading dock. Invest in quality loading dock equipment from Conveyer & Caster and keep your facility running efficiently, safely and most importantly, profitably.

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