Driver Cages

Safety & Security – Driver cages improve building security

Driver cages are a simple, cost-effective way of controlling access to distribution centers, buildings, or factory floors. Wire mesh partition surrounds the building-entry door, creating a safe and secure vestibule.

Equipment and operations in factories, warehouses, and distribution centers pose risks for everyone, especially visitors. Driver cages help you reduce risk by keeping unaccompanied visitors safely confined at the building entrance.

Standard and custom sizes are available in both free-standing and building-attached styles.

8 x 8 Driver Cage Special Offer!

  • 3-sided, 8′ x 8′ enclosure, 8′-5″ tall
  • Includes (1) 3′-0″ x 7′-0″ hinged door with key lock and push bar
  • 24″ x 21″ slide-up service window with writing shelf
    Powder-coated gray paint
  • All assembly hardware and anchors


Freight included to commercial, dock-accessible locations in Indiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, FOB Delivered. Sales tax, assembly, and installation are not included.

Optional alternate sizes, steel benches, key-less entry card readers, ceiling, and special paint colors available.

Need help measuring? Don’t want to install it yourself? No worries, we can help, just ask!