Social Distancing Products

As businesses begin to re-open, it is important to keep everyone’s health and safety your number one priority. In maintaining our commitment to supplying products and services to keep your business rolling, we’ve highlighted some solutions to help keep your customers and employees safe during these unprecedented times.

Driver access cages allow individuals to enter your warehouse or facility, interact with essential staff, get paperwork completed and be on their way, all while limiting their access to the secured area.

These polycarbonate employee separation panels can be stationary or mobile within your facility to offer peace of mind to your employees who work in close proximity to each other.

‘Team Lifts’ are the antithesis of social distancing. Pick modules with vacuum assisted lifts allow one person to effortlessly lift items that would normally take multiple people. 

Mobile modular workbenches offer an ideal way for employees to remain productive, while keeping their distance. Benches can be outfitted with air hoses, peg boards, or parts bins, making the possible configurations nearly limitless. 

Mobile medical cabinets keep medical equipment, pharmaceutical drugs, lab equipment and much more safe and secure. A push handle and 6″ swivel casters ensure these cabinets are always close and accessible when needed.

From retail locations to assembly lines, as businesses begin to re-open, customers and employees will need to be reminded to keep their distance. These floor signs are a quick and easy way to remind people in work spaces and common areas.

Guards and barriers are a crucial form of protecting employees and customers when proper distancing is not possible. These clear barriers can be added to the top of a cubicle wall or added to tables to provide additional protection. 

These face shields are designed to wrap completely around the face covering the eyes, mouth and nose. The adjustable head strap has a self-locking mechanism and can accommodate any head size and can be worn with or without glasses and masks.

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