In-Plant & Modular Offices

When it comes to managing your day-to-day operations, you understand the importance of being present. In-plant offices and enclosures allow you to build modular offices right in the heart of your commercial, institutional or industrial facility. In-plant enclosures add valuable office space without sacrificing your proximity to your employees. These office enclosures are also practical solutions for providing safety and security to machinery, computer equipment and more. Let Conveyer & Caster help you build the ideal structure for your needs.

Modular Offices

Choose from single or two-story modular office enclosures designed to free up floor space, add valuable working areas, and increase storage. In-plant offices offer complete flexibility and a variety of construction materials to meet various load capacity requirements. Convert your wasted space into productive, usable space with modular offices for break rooms, conference rooms, office space, vision towers and more. Let us help you maximize your current footprint.

Sound, Paint & Dust Enclosures

Sound contamination can be detrimental to your productivity and your compliance with certain government regulations. Sound, paint and dust enclosures can be easily built in your existing warehouse or factory with minimal disruption to your team. These prefabricated units can be configured in a way that maximizes floor space, contains dust, debris and noise, and keeps you within your budget.

Applications for Modular Offices & Enclosures

When it comes to adding space to an operation, many industries can benefit from the economical and efficient solution that in-plant offices provide. Our pre-packaged, customizable solutions offer maximum flexibility, minimal downtime, and rapid assembly. Just some of the practical applications for office enclosures include medical buildings, warehouses, laboratories, quality control centers and more. Make the most of the space you have with Conveyer and Caster.

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