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With focused, engineered designs, at Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry we craft solutions that solve your handling problems. Our team of engineers, project managers, and designers use the latest in solid modeling and drafting technology everyday. We work collaboratively with you and your team to ensure that we are focused on the needs of your business. 

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  • Knowledgeable, friendly customer service & support
  • Field technical sales support
  • Computer aided design and modelling
  • On-site service & turnkey installation
  • Application-driven solutions

From choosing the right caster to relocating an entire warehouse, we help our customers with solutions that solve the problem, remain within budget, and improve material flow. Read a case study or two to learn a bit more about how we help our customers. 

Want to better understand how our products and solutions work? Our technical articles dive into the ins and outs of material handling. Learn why kingpinless casters are better for abusive applications, how casters affect RoHS compliance, or, maybe, how to reduce your forklift fleet with trailers and tuggers.

Got a question about your conveyor system? Here’s a great place to start. 

What size wheel do I need? How many casters should I put on the cart? Will my floors get damaged? These are all common questions about casters. We answer a bunch of them here.