Thermo Electric 34 Series Caster

34 Series Caster

Headquartered in Imperial, PA Thermo Electric is a leading manufacturer of whirlpool tanks. Their clients include colleges and universities across the United States as well as the Super Bowl XL World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

Thermo Electric approached Conveyer & Caster while searching for a strong, reliable caster that would be capable of withstanding the toil of treating today’s athletes. Our engineers quickly decided that the Stainless Steel 34 series caster, with its total locking brake, would be ideal for the whirlpool application.

The 34 Series is a strong and dependable caster encased in a light duty frame. It’s stainless steel construction is non-corrosive, a total locking brake keeps the whirlpool stationary even with the biggest of athletes and Thermo Electric found the low profile look of the caster to be an added bonus.

Thermo Electric now turns to Conveyer & Caster as their primary source for caster solutions — confident that their expectations will be met or exceeded.

34 Series Caster 34 Series Caster

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