A Day at the Ballpark for the CC-EFI Family

August 21, 2016

Family matters here at Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry. We truly enjoy the chances we have to celebrate together. This summer, in recognition of our 55th anniversary, the Conveyer & Caster family and their families went to the ball game.

“It was important to us to share with our employees’ families that we really care about them,” said Jeff Stohr, CEO of Conveyer & Caster. “Family is a big deal around here. My grandfather started the company, my father took it over at a very young age, and my brother and I have taken the reigns and ran with it. We are hopeful our children will carry it to future generations.”

Jeff’s brother Trevor, president of the company went on to add that, “We don’t often get to spend time with our colleagues families, we really do enjoy these moments. When we’re at work we talk about our families all the time, it’s good to put names to faces.”

Albert, Jeff & Trevor’s father, talked about how great it felt to see his sons succeeding so well and in such a thankful way. “Gratitude and thankfulness were things I really tried to teach my sons. It’s easy to take for granted the efforts of others. As business owners, it’s very important for us to remember that we drive direction and work very hard, but there are many people in our company who also work incredibly hard and are very dedicated to our success. And without those people, we wouldn’t have the success we enjoy.”

In all 75 employees, spouses, and family members came to enjoy the game, eat some food, and maybe have a beer or two. The day was capped off well with a 3-2 Cleveland victory over Toronto.

Interested in joining the Conveyer & Caster family? Check out our current job openings!

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