300 Series Timing Belt Low Profile Conveyor

300 Series Timing Belt Conveyor with motor
300 Series Timing Belt Conveyor
300 Series Timing Belt Conveyor Drive
300 Series Timing Belt Conveyor

The "Smart Conveyor™", a low-profile timing-belt conveyor, reaches speeds of 2000 fpm. Custom molded cleats can be integrated with specific parts or applications. The design is suitable for precision indexing, high cycle start/stop, rapid cycling, synchronous movement, ramping up and down, reversing, elevating, and side exiting applications.

Indexing Precision Precion indexing tolerance to register a part iwthin +/- 0.015" without sensors
Belt Speeds High speeds up to 2,000 FPM with ramp up and ramp down capacity
Part Holders Custom molded cleats to integrate perfectly with your part or application. Cleats are high frequency welded to the belt.
Capacities Heavy duty load carrying capactiy, capacity per application.
Gear Pulleys Positive, non-slip timing pulleys
Motors Stepper motors and servo drives are PLC programmable
Self Tracking Belt Guides Optional self-tracking V-guide is thermally welded to the carcass of the belt. Wide variety of application specific belting
Belts Nylon coated belt carcass to reduce friction and minimize noise. Ability to run multiple bands of belting on one conveyor. Timing belts are steel or Kevlar reinforced to offer high load carrying capacities, reduce stretch and allow for precision cleat or profile placement. Less than 5-minute belt change without removal of drive package or guide rails.
Frame Height Low profile conveyor - only 3" high
Frame Widths 2" to 18" and lengths up to 24' (Special widths and lengths available). 10 gauge steel frame. High impact resistant single piece formed powder coated.
Options Wide variety of Sides, Guides, Mounts, Stands, Drive Packages and Controls

Cutom Molded Cleats

Custom molded cleats manufactured to integrate perfectly with your part or application

Cleat Style 1 Cleat Style 2 Cleat Style 3
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