Conveyor Accessories - Guard Rails

FSG Type Guard Rail
FSG Guard Rail
FC Type Guard Rail
FC Guard Rail
GA1.5/HGA1.5 Guard Rails
GA1.5/HGA1.4 Guard Rail
GC Type Guard Rail
GC Guard Rail
Construction All medium duty rails are 12 ga. HRS steel; heavy duty rails are 7 ga. HRS steel; all are powder painted EXCEPT guard rails for light duty conveyors normally supplied with galvanized or aluminum frames which are galvanized; with mounting holes.
Guard Rails Available in several styles; model GC, adjustable channel guards; model FC, fixed channel guards; model GA1.5, angle guards (1.5" high); model HGA1.5, heavy duty angle guards (1.5" high); model FSG, formed steel guards (7 heights from 2" to 24" high). Specify both sides or outside only when ordering AND conveyor model number to ensure receipt of proper guard rails & mounting hardware which is supplied as required.
Always specify conveyor model number and flange width guard rails will mount on.
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Guard Rail Style Weight per foot
Per Pair (Both Sides)
GC 3.9 lbs
FC 3.5 lbs
GA1.5 2.3 lbs
HGA1.5 4.0 lbs
FSG-2 4.2 lbs
FSG-4 5.7 lbs
FSG-6 7.2 lbs

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