Galvanized Steel Light Duty Gravity Roller Conveyors

Galvanized steel light duty gravity roller conveyors are perfect for small package handling operations, like shipping consumer goods.

Series Specifications


1-3/8″ Dia. x 18 ga. tubing available in galvanized steel with smooth swaged ends. Roller capacity is 50 lbs. each.


Formed galvanized steel channel 2-1/2″ x 1″ x 12 ga. with hook and rod couplings; hooks on one end and rod (“stud”) on the other end.


1/4″ Dia. galvanized steel bolt-type axles with lock nuts


Available in 1′-0″ increments from 1′-0″ to 10′-0″


Integral plain ball bearings, zinc plated and oiled

Frame Capacity

350 lbs. max. distributed live load per 10′ section, or 1300 lbs. per 5′ section.

Technical Drawings

Galvanized Steel Light Duty Gravity Roller Conveyors

24-hour shipments available for
all 1-foot increments from 1'-0" to 10'–0"

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