Top-End Storage & Handling Solutions

Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry has partnered with Borroughs Corporation in providing top-end storage and handling solutions.

During its more than 70 years in business, Borroughs has produced a variety of products. From heavy duty industrial storage to museum grade cabinets, Borroughs has the products and they know how to successfully complete almost any project. Having a broad spectrum of products is one thing, more important is having the people and the resources to make sure your project is successful. Borroughs has proven its willingness to keep pace with changing markets, business, and competitive challenges through seven decades of success.

Borroughs has always been confident in its future. Continually investing in their community, their people and their business. That’s why the company has a multi-million dollar powder coat system . . . giving Borroughs’ products a finish that is the best in the industry. It’s also why the corporation proudly displays its ISO 9001:2008 designation and ISO 14001:2004 Certification for Environmental Management Systems. Borroughs is one of only a handful of companies in North America to carry the environmental certification.

Mobile aisle shelving

Aisle-Saver is a modular space-saving solution that effectively increases filing and storage capacity by 50%. Aisle-Saver also eliminates the loss of essential office industrial floor space to overflowing filing and storage or the need for costly investments in expansion construction or relocation.

Features & Benefits

System Types

Electrical, mechanical, and lateral

Panel Design Options

Completely customizable, can be matched to almost any look-and-feel

Custom Design

Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, Aisle-Saver is a complete, professional high-density storage solution, with a flexible design, that can be configured to meet the exact needs of any office facility, museum, library, law or medical office, manufacturing or industrial operation. Aisle Saver offers both mechanical and powered systems to meet your operational needs.