Move Heavy Products With Ease

Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry is a proud partner with Hudson Bearings. Hudson Bearings is one of the oldest manufacturers of ball transfers and ball bearing casters in the United States. All of Hudson Bearings products, unlike most of their competitors, is made in the USA; their quality is unsurpassed.

Capacities from 75 to 850 pounds

Made in the USA of high quality steel. Manufactured and designed for a variety of applications with an array of mounting options.

Features & Benefits


High quality carbon steel or optional stainless steel

Mounting Options

Available with flanged, stud, drop-in, pipe, or flying-saucer mounts

Ball Options

Carbon steel, stainless steel, or nylon

2,400 pound capacity!

Designed to move heavy machinery, equipment, shelving, pallet rack, and fixtures with ease.

Features & Benefits

Body & Surface

Machined 6061 aluminum with non-skid neoprene surface

Ball Transfers

Stainless main and support balls


Carrying cases available