Nashville Wire Products

Nashville Wire Products is a world-class supplier of welded wire solutions to the material handling industry. They specialize in the design, fabrication and manufacture of wire mesh decks, shelving and containers. Nashville Wire Products is an industry leader in innovative solutions for pallet rack storage. With solutions ranging from simple wire mesh decks to attachable dividers, to weld wire rack backs, no problem is too complicated; no problem is too simple. Nashville Wire only uses the highest-grade materials in constructing their wire mesh decks. Utilizing 2, 4 or 6-gauge wire and heavy-duty steel channels, their decks will withstand the harshest conditions. Nashville Wire helped develop and is compliant with the Rack Manufacturers Institute’s (RMI) Weld Wire Rack Decking standards. RMI is ANSI accredited as the safety standards organization for the rack and deck industry. Call Conveyor and Caster-Equipment for Industry and ask to speak with one of our technical sales representatives to help with your storage solution.