Keystone Style Pallet Racks

Keystone rack was developed in an effort to provide you with a total storage handling system; one that maximizes efficiency, uses the least amount of space, and delivers the best return on investment. It is designed for fast, simplified installation and offers a range of accessories that make it extremely versatile. It also offers interchangeability with existing installations utilizing the Keystone design connector.

For years, boltless pallet racks have been popular, due to quick assembly without tools, and a low purchase price. However, many users have found that the open-back roll formed columns do not withstand the inevitable fork truck impacts, thus any initial savings are more than offset by high maintenance and replacement costs. There is now a solution for storage racks design which retains the benefits of a boltless rack, while offering substantially more durability.

We offer an industry standard “KEYSTONE” connection, and is in fact interchangeable with the many of the pallet racking systems in use today. However, a closed tubular column shape is utilized. Independent engineering tests have confirmed that the Tubular Column has over 250% more frontal impact strength than a comparable open back column. Additional benefits include:

Pallet Rack: Tubular Keystone Boltless Upright Benefits