Ergonomic Workspace Furniture: Data Firm Approaches Speed of Light

MCPc's new workstations are efficient and ergonomically correct

Computers cause a lot of grief. Working on two thousand a day can be an actual pain in the neck.

MCPc, Inc., a technology service provider based in Strongsville, Ohio, has been growing over the past ten years. MCPc provides service to some of the largest companies in the region with everything from desktop imaging to network design and implementation. Their production facility processes nearly two thousand desktops, laptops, servers, switches, and printers on any given day.

As MCPc grew, they acquired used office furniture to fill their business needs. Modifying it at the time of acquisition eventually resulted in a group of unique, non-uniform workstations with varying capacity and dissimilar construction. This, in turn, led to inconsistencies in the basic infrastructure.

Reaching out to Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry for assistance in designing a solution, MCPc expressed the need for a uniform work area for its employees. Each work cell needed to be equipped with the necessary infrastructure items to efficiently process the equipment, including 24 network ports, 10-port KVM switch, 10 power outlets, storage, and lighting.

Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry called on its partners at Sovella Human Workspace, based in Finland. Sovella is a worldwide leader in ergonomic industrial and commercial furniture.

In designing the cells, some customization was essential to accommodate the required systems. In order to provide the 24 network ports and 10 port KVM switch, empty power strip plates were ordered and retrofitted with the necessary components. The installed cable management system was a perfect fit, making it simple to keep all cords and wires neatly concealed.

MCPc now has an efficient site to process equipment for its customers. According to Ira Grossman, Operations Director at MCPc, Inc., “Things flow wonderfully now! It wouldn’t have been possible without the partnership of our two companies.”

When you need help with an ergonomic problem or need a creative solution to a tricky situation, call on the experts at Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry.

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