Video Case Study: Utilize Existing Warehouse Space

Hinkley Lighting, Inc. Saves Big by Overhauling Existing Warehouse Space

Hinkley Lighting faced a serious warehouse space problem. They had a large building that served them well in the past, but continued growth left them grappling for the space required to store their increasing stock. That’s when they came to Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry. See how we worked with them to solve their problem.

Video Transcript

Rick Andrews, Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry: About a year ago, Hinkley had called us to come in and meet with them to come up with some ideas on how to better utilize their space in the warehouse. We sat down and collaborated with Joe Steinem, Jess and I and a couple of our engineers to kind of get an idea of what possibilities we had.

We looked at possibly a new building, but then we looked real hard at the existing facility that they had, and we had mentioned to them that in other locations – other customers of ours – we’ve actually condensed aisles and added some additional racking to give them storage and growth. That seemed to be an avenue that they wanted to consider.

We started developing some drawings an we developed a 43 phase plan. Part of the sequencing was: as they move product out, we moved racks, installed racks, and we also had to come in and schedule in cutting the line guidance system.

We’re more than halfway through the project, and all told the project’s going to take probably about 4 to 5 months from start to completion.

Joe Steinem, Hinkley Lighting: During this project we’ve interacted every day with the folks from Conveyer & Caster. They have been very responsive and helpful, and helped us achieve our goals. Rick and Jeff offered some creative solutions for us, which allowed us to implement this project without disrupting our normal flow of business.

We are recovering 30% more space in the warehouse than we previously had, and we anticipate that allowing us to stay in this building for many more years.