Waste Management Solution: CC-EFI Keeps it Clean at WVU

Storage space is always a challenge for manufacturers. Premium Building Products, a leading manufacturer of PVC fencing systems, needed more storage for raw materials. After deciding to add capacity to their manufacturing processes, Premium Building Products (PBP) searched for a way to more effectively store the additional materials required in their existing facility.

The traditional methods were ruled out:

  • Standard pallet rack required too much aisle space for forklifts.
  • Drive-in rack could not handle the variety of pallet sizes.
  • Conventional flow-through or push back rack could not accommodate the different pallet size


Faced with a costly expansion of their building, PBP contacted Conveyer & Caster—Equipment For Industry for help. The engineers at CC-EFI reviewed all of the raw materials, pallet configurations, capacities, and plant configuration.

It was determined that the best way to maximize capacity and handle the variety of loads was to engineer, provide and install a Speedrack Modular Rollback® System. Rollback modules are gravity operated, loaded from the front and the loads are pushed back on precision wheeled carts. The patented wheel design and solid steel deck carts handle all of the different load sizes, as well as different weight capacities within the same lane.

Once the new components arrived on site, the CC-EFI installation team began to erect the system. The floor was measured with lasers to determine where floor shims were needed to properly level the system.

A computer program was then used to establish a grid layout to locate all of the upright frames and columns. Precise assembly of the system is critical for trouble-free performance. The installation had to be completed during a scheduled plant shut-down to ensure PBP could resume their manufacturing operation without incident. The CC-EFI installation team completed and tested the system on time.

The Modular Rollback® System now holds PBP’s raw materials in 70% less space than conventional pallet rack and requires no special lifting equipment or electrical devices.

When Space is the Final Frontier, call Conveyer & Caster-Equipment for Industry for a space-saving storage solution.

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