Bulk Orders

If you need a large quantity of one of the many items we carry, we recommend you contact us .  Through a direct contact and with specific order information, we will be able to provide you with competitive wholesale pricing, an accurate delivery estimate, and alternative product options not available on this site.  

Frequently Asked Bulk Order Questions

What is your discount rate for bulk orders?

We don’t really have a set rate, as we carry a wide variety of casters and caster accessories that range in price from very inexpensive to hundreds of dollars.  Rest assured, we will provide you with the best price for your bulk order.

Do you take purchase orders for bulk orders?

Yes, subject to credit approval and our standard terms and conditions.  You’ll need to fill out a credit application.

What qualifies as a bulk order?

That depends on the category and quantity involved. There is no one firm answer. As a rule of thumb on a per item basis, you can use this guide by category:

  • Furniture & Light Duty – Over 100 Units
  • Medium Duty Industrial – Over 50 Units
  • Heavy Duty Industrial – Over 25 Units