Separate Employees and Lift Traffic with Guardrails


Since June is national safety month, it’s a good time to put additional focus on workplace safety. Making your workplace a safe environment should always be an ongoing effort to prevent putting your employees at risk. It is especially important to maintain proper safety rules, regulations and guidelines in areas of your facility where employees may encounter lift truck and vehicle traffic. Proper safety products – like guardrails – and procedures protect your facility, and can reduce both insurance costs and legal liability, while helping to keep everyone safe on the job.

Think where you can make improvements in your facility to separate and protect your most important product: your people.

All industries are different, but when working with guardrails, meeting and exceeding the minimal requirements is vital in achieving the strength and structural integrity to safely support your employees. 

Guardrails and other barrier are ideal for keeping people and equipment out of harm’s way. In addition to eliminating the chance of a collision, guardrails:

  • Are rated to stop forklifts, even when carrying heavy loads
  • Serve as a high-visibility sign for equipment operators to be cautious
  • Can be installed quickly
  • Available in single rail (18″) and double rail (42″)


Bollards offer a lighter weight of high-visibility protection that can be installed nearly anywhere, either inside warehouse facilities or in the surrounding area, such as parking lots. High-visibility bollard covers provide an upgraded level of visibility to existing bollards.  We have used them for protection of electrical equipment, dock doors and possible collision areas.

Make Guardrails a Habit

Safety in today’s workplace is a big concern for many employers. While it is ultimately your responsibility to have properly installed guardrails and other safety items in place, everyone can participate in creating a safe job site. As a team, you can create a safety culture where it is a habit to Put Your Guard Up as soon as an opening is created.  Let us help you keep you rolling SAFELY!

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