Hinkley Lighting, Inc. Saves Big By Overhauling Existing Warehouse Space


Utilizing space efficiently is a large concern for many businesses that rely on warehouse facilities for production purposes. Similarly, Hinkley Lighting faced a serious warehouse space problem in their large facility that could no longer sustain the rate of growth the company was experiencing.

Conveyer & Caster put together a team of engineers to brainstorm some solution options for Hinkley Lighting: expand the existing warehouse which could involve constructing a new building or better utilize the space they already had. 

Hinkley Case Study

The Hinkley Lighting and Conveyer & Caster teams decided that constructing a new building was not an effective solution. Therefore, the teams agreed that using the existing space in a more efficient way would solve the problem without having to spend the extra time and money on constructing a new building. This solution required an immense amount of initial critical planning. 

After mapping out the 43 stage process for the Hinkley Lighting warehouse facility, the final plan could be condensed into two major steps:

1. Condensing Aisles

2. Adding Racking 

Learn more about the necessary steps Conveyer & Caster took to develop a plan for Hinkley Lighting’s well-designed warehouse by watching the video and downloading the case study here. 

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