Preparing for a Return to Normalcy


The COVID-19 pandemic took all of us by surprise. The past several months have been filled with uncertainty and, at times, fear. However, the pandemic numbers are beginning to trend in the right direction, states are beginning to open back up, and workers are yearning to get things back to normal in life and in business.

When the time comes for you to get your people back to work, safety will be the number one priority. Here are some of the solutions that we have provided to our customers that have remained open, and that have allowed them to maintain social distancing within their facilities.

Driver Cages

Driver access cages allow individuals to enter your warehouse or facility, interact with essential staff, get paperwork completed and be on their way, all while limiting their access to the secured area. This keeps them safe from any hazards – like truck or forklift traffic – and also helps keep your employees safe.

Cages can be fitted with a bench, a window with a shelf for passing through paperwork, and an interior door with a traditional lock or keypad. 

Mobile Modular Workbenches

These modular workbenches offer an ideal way for employees to remain productive, while keeping their distance. Benches can be outfitted with air hoses, peg boards, or parts bins, making the possible configurations nearly limitless. This ensures that all necessary parts and equipment are all in close proximity and easily accessible, eliminating the need to walk around the facility searching for supplies. 

Casters can be added to benches for added mobility to space them further apart throughout your facility, or partitions can be placed between them for added protection.

Guards and Barriers

While keeping your distance is an important factor in helping to limit the spread of the virus, it isn’t always possible. Guards and barriers are a crucial form of protecting employees and customers when proper distancing is not possible. These clear barriers can be added to the top of a cubicle divider or added to tables to provide additional protection, which is what we’ve done in our office. 

The guards are incredibly versatile and can also be fabricated into mobile barriers that can be used in office or shop floor settings.

Floor Signs

From retail locations to assembly lines, as businesses begin to re-open, customers and employees will need to be reminded to keep their distance. These floor signs are a quick and easy way to remind people to maintain an appropriate distance in lines, work spaces and common areas. They are easy to install, and are meant to stand up to foot traffic and frequent cleanings.

As additional businesses start to re-open or expand operations, we are committed to providing solutions to help keep your employees and customers safe. Let us know how we can help get things moving again, and help you get back up running as quickly and safely as possible.

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