Stop the Wind Dead in its Tracks

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Consider the Mars WindGuard series of air curtains your personal defensive line against drafty overhead doors. Mars WindGuard Heavy Duty Series maintains environmental separation in many industrial applications.

Air curtains help keep your conditioned air inside, where you want it.

Air curtains help keep your conditioned air inside, where you want it.

In many industrial facilities, doors are left for long periods of time. While they are open your indoor environment begins synchronizing with the outside environment. Here are some basics about how gasses in the atmosphere work:

  • Gasses seek equilibrium in pressure and temperature
  • When gasses are hotter, they have lower pressure
  • When gasses are cooler, they have higher pressure
  • Gasses will always travel from areas of relatively high pressure to relatively low pressure

So it’s winter out, your building is nice and toasty; outside its just flat cold. Your forklift driver opens the overhead door to unload a flat-bed truck, and when he does this, that cold outside air comes rushing in. This not only chills your workers and your building, it costs you more money. You have to add more energy to the system to maintain the desired temperature.

Mars WindGuard Air Curtains work by introducing a high velocity, high volume column of air between the climate controlled inside and the outside environment. The gasses that are attempting to move in are diverted by this column of air. Take a look at this graphic, it depicts it pretty well.

If you’d like to read more, take a look at this handy brochure.

If you have questions or want to learn more about Mars Air Curtains, give us a call at 844-863-4542 or contact us here.

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