Working from home? You’ll be sitting more

While some companies are curtailing work from home, like Yahoo and Best Buy, others are expanding it.  Especially in the medical world.  Coding, transcription, and billing are being pushed to the home office in an effort to use hospital space for revenue generating activity. While working from home certainly is light on the pocketbook when it comes to transportation costs, it has it’s share of headaches.  Some might say they are a pain in the… well, you know.  In a transaction processing environment, like billing or coding, or other computer and data intensive jobs, a lot of time is spent sitting to begin with, but in a home office, that is even more the case.  No water cooler to walk by and discuss last week’s Dexter, no chasing a file around the office, no pickup meeting down the hall.  This means that your 8 hours of work are mostly sat right in your chair, even more so than when you worked in the office. 

We heard back from a customer about our 5 Pack Hardwood Safe Neoprene Wheel Chair Caster Kit.  Here’s what she had to say:

After going through several sets of plastic wheels (it seem’s like I got a new set at least once a year), I said enough already and went searching on the net and found you guys and these wheels; never go back now – and I recommend them to my friends as well. We all work in hospitals and have seen these wheels on carts, etc. – it never dawned on me before to put them on our chairs! 🙂 And they roll so much better too! I’m a Medical Transcriptionist (MT).  Like a lot of MTs I work from my home now, so my chair is really my chair; and I’m on this chair for 8 hours a day and more!  So we really need good wheels!

– Heather, Medical Transcriptionist, Florida 

Of course, we love glowing reviews.  They are always fun to read, but in her career, this really makes sense.  Medical Transcriptionists sit 8 or so hours a day on a chair in a spare room of their home.  Again, not having to get up very often, to speak with colleagues or chase a file in another office, or be sucked into a pickup meeting in the small conference room, it makes for a longer time sitting in your chair than at an office.  And the more you sit in your chair, the more stress and strain you put on its casters. Most office chairs come with 50-55mm twin wheel nylon c