Waste Management Solution: CC-EFI Keeps it Clean at West Virginia University

West Virginia University

West Virginia University in Morgantown has a four tower residential complex that houses 1,800 freshmen each year. The Evansdale complex is linked together through a series of tunnels and rooms to support the students. Each tower has a unique trash disposal system that allows students to place their trash into chutes on each floor. The chutes lead to a series of four baler / compactors located in the basement of each tower.

Unloading & disassembly in the parking lot

West Virginia University had used International Balers of Jacksonville, FL when the towers were built over 30 years ago. When repairs and maintenance became too costly, the university decided to replace the units. WVU must get multiple bids for projects of this size and the engineers at CC-EFI traveled to the university to review the project. The project had many unique challenges - no loading docks with access to the lower levels; one small freight elevator; narrow hallways and standard man-doors in each compactor room.

CC-EFI submitted a bid using the same type of compactor that the university had success with for 30 years. CC-EFI was the most competitive bidder and awarded the project. CC-EFI engineers selected International Baler STDS series Vertical Balers that were manufactured to the same specifications and dimensions as in 1970. The balers would fit perfectly in the four compactor rooms, but getting them in place was a real challenge.

First the old compactors had to be dismantled and removed. Without the ability to use forklifts or other powered equipment our crew had to move each baler with a pallet jack and manual power. Care had to be taken not to damage any of the finished hallways, doors and tile floor throughout the facilities. Once each old unit was removed, the process was reversed and the new baler was again carefully moved into place and installed.

The university is pleased with their selection, the cost effectiveness of CC-EFI and the professional installation and removal of the old balers. When customers look for unique, competitive solutions to challenging installations, they look to Conveyer & Caster - Equipment for Industry

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Old balers ready for disposal 1" clearance under thresholds

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