Material Handling Case Studies

Our mission is to create storage and handling solutions that improve material flow for our customers. Here are a few of the ways we’ve helped our customers do just that.

Stacking containers are great: you can put stuff in them and stack them really high without needing pallet racks.

Rick Andrews was called on by a Cleveland branch of a multi-national corporation to solve a material handling problem.

BlueBridge Networks are experts at securing their customers data. They provide secure, controlled-access data centers for companies large and small. To secure their customers’ physical infrastructure, BlueBridge called on Conveyer & Caster for a solution.

CDI, in Avon, Ohio, is one of the region’s leading suppliers of custom metal components and subassemblies. As their business grew, their requirement for storage increased dramatically. Faced with the need to expand their facility, CDI looked at the traditional expansion solutions – new construction or adding on to the building. These options proved to take too long and be too costly. 

Canadian Standards Association International (CSA) was faced with a growing problem: they were growing too fast for the space they had. Almost every last inch of usable floor space had been taken up by test stands, product and other equipment. Looking for more space they looked above a steel enclosure – one that had previously been used for commercial fume hood testing – where there was a mezzanine.

Dock operations are a critical area of focus when looking at efficiency, and problems with dock equipment can shut down an operation. Valuable time is lost when equipment fails to function correctly, becomes damaged or worse yet, fails completely. 

Allied Building Products of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, is a distributor of quality building products, serving the Pittsburgh area. When their dock leveler – an “edge-of-dock” type – was separating from the concrete wall to which it was attached, they called on the experience of Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry to solve the problem.