190-ACC Belt-Driven Live-Roller Accumulation Conveyor

Conveyer & Caster proudly represents Hytrol Conveyor Company and supports them in their mission to move the world. Our Model 190-ACC belt-driven live-roller accumulation conveyor uses the simplest method ever designed for accumulating cartons, boxes, totes, and the like. This simple and basic design eliminates complicated adjustments and allows for a minimum of 2% back pressure. Both curve and spur conveyor sections are available.

Series Specifications


Roller bed with 1.9″ diameter x 16 ga. galvanized tube rollers spaced every 3″ and 1.9″ diameter x 16 ga. galvanized tube pressure rollers spaced every 6″. Mounted in a 6-1/2″ x 12 ga. powder-painted, formed-steel channel frame, bolted together with butt couplings.

Cross Bracing

Rods with turnbuckles are fastened to the underside of the bed to provide proper alignment of the bed rollers and ensure tracking. One cross brace is provided for, approximately, every 50′ of bed section. 


Mounted underneath, positioned near the center of the conveyor.


Endless B-section, aramid-core, V-belt drives each section of the conveyor.


Tread and pressure rollers have pre-lubricated ball bearings. Flange and pillow block have sealed, pre-lubricated bearings with eccentric lock collars. 

Speed Reduction

Sealed worm gear C-Face speed reducer with No. 50 chain to the drive shaft.

Conveying Speed

Constant 25 – 150 feet per minute.


Maximum load per linear foot of conveyor is 150 lbs.

Floor Supports


Technical Drawings

  • 190-ACC Belt Driven Live Roller Accumulation Conveyor
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