Mezzanine Storage Solution

A view from on top of the new mezzanine
The underside of the new mezzanine adds valuable production space

CDI, in Avon, Ohio, is one of the region’s leading suppliers of custom metal components and subassemblies. As their business grew, their requirement for storage increased dramatically. Faced with the need to expand their facility, CDI looked at the traditional expansion solutions – new construction or adding on to the building. These options proved to take too long and be too costly. Their next option – utilize open space via a storage mezzanine.

Conveyer & Caster engineers reviewed the needs of this state-of-the-art component manufacturer and concluded that a freestanding storage mezzanine would be the most logical option. The mezzanine provides clear usable storage space above the plant floor, while not interfering with production areas below.

The size and location of the new 3,450 square foot mezzanine were agreed upon and Conveyer & Caster engineers went to work designing column locations; determining deck material; handrail requirements and storage capacity. Within 5 weeks of order, CDI had a new mezzanine installed.

The storage structure utilizes I-Beam construction and a steel checkered plate floor surface. This design allows CDI to store 3,000-pound pallets above the assembly area and move them easily with a manual pallet truck. Access to the mezzanine is done with forklifts, utilizing lift out handrails on the mezzanine floor.

CDI enjoys the extra space the mezzanine provides and found an added benefit after it was installed. New fluorescent lights were added below the mezzanine above the assembly personnel. Conveyer & Caster utilized white roof panels to help reflect the light, reducing the number of new lights needed. The increased light closer to the assemblers has helped improve morale and increase productivity.

The next time CDI needs storage space, they’ll look up before expanding out. And they’ll look to Conveyer & Caster for help in designing and installing their new mezzanine.

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