Palletizing Efficiencies into Lamp Buffer Line

When Phillips Lighting decided to automate portions of the lamp buffer line, they looked to Warnecke Design Services of Ottoville, Ohio to provide the right solutions for a complicated and delicate parts handling system. Due to past successful experiences with Warnecke, Phillips felt confident in their decision. Warnecke chose to again partner with Conveyer & Caster for the supply of the conveyor system, machine guarding and to provide some additional design assistance. The customer’s primary objective for the new system was to achieve an increase in yield, a reduction in the labor content and to automate the inspection/rejection method. A 1-year ROI was achieved over 3 separate robot cells!

24” thru 96” long fluorescent lamps are conveyed horizontally thru an automatic inspection system. If the part does not pass inspection, a six-axis Motoman robot will off-load the part from the line to a waiting pallet. The line runs 10,000 parts per hour. The system is also designed to off-load production runs that are destined for a separate packaging operation.

Warnecke designed and built the palletizing system utilizing CDLR accumulating conveyors and pop-up chain transfers from Conveyer & Caster. They also designed and built the special pick & place end-effector. System controls, programming, robot integration and turnkey installation (including start-up and training services) were also provided to Phillips Lighting.

Conveyer & Caster is a partner with Warnecke Design on numerous automation systems. The end result is equipment provided to exact specifications with a reduction in engineering and labor overhead. This results in lowered cost and improved turnaround time to the end user.

When customers look for solutions to handle their unique requirements, they look to Warnecke Design Service and Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry, a partnership with value added for everyone!

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