Collision Sentry®

Reduce the probability of “blind corner” collisions in your warehouse or distribution center.

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Sentry Products Collision Sentry® improves rack aisle intersection safety with audible and visual alerts. By using infrared motion sensors, just like security systems use, the Collision Sentry® can reduce or even eliminate blind corner collisions. 

  • Magnets make installation a breeze
  • Loud audio warning
  • Bright LED flash only when motion is detected from BOTH sides
  • Simple power source: D-cell batteries
  • Long battery life, between 2 and 3 years

Collision Sentry® protects more than forklifts. The integrated motion detectors are sensitive, picking up motion from pedestrians and forklifts alike. Forklift-on-person accidents are serious and sometimes fatal. Use Collision Sentry® to keep your workers and your powered equipment safe. 

  • Passive infrared motion sensors detect motion 20-25 feet away
  • Included low-battery indicator makes maintenance easy
  • Optional Z-Clips are available for non-magnetic surfaces
  • Adjustable audio volume
  • Sensors are pre-set and adjusted for immediate use

Collision Sentry® acts like a traffic light, alerting oncoming traffic to dangerous conditions ahead. There’s no such thing as a good accident, except for the ones that never happen. Use Collision Sentry® to keep rack aisle intersection accidents to a minimum.

Collision Sentry reduces the probability of aisle intersection collisions with visual and audible alerts.

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