A Pumpkin Race?

Pumpkins backlit in a straw field pumpkin patch

Some say the best use for a pumpkin is a pie, others say pumpkin roll. There are others who would say soup and a few who might say that it should be mashed and served with butter and brown sugar like sweet potatoes.  Then there are many who would say that you shouldn’t eat them but carve them.

But we have a more fGreat Pumpkin Raceun idea in store. We’re painting them and slapping on some wheels.  Then, then, they are rolling down a hill.

We’re partnering with the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati to help bring their Great Pumpkin Race to life.

The Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati helps those with autism and their families enjoy a greater quality of life through education, information, resource service, family support, and community project and events, like this one.

The Great Pumpkin Race will be held at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, October 27, 2012.  To find out more information, please visit the event page over at the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati’s website.

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