Fit For A King: A Luxuriously Manly Gift Guide

Does the man in your life have everything? Are you searching for a spectacularly unique present that will make his jaw drop when he rips open the gift wrap? If so, skip all that tedious mall traffic and those crowded, over-heated boutique shops with rude customers and haughty staff. Instead, refer to this guide to find gifts fit for a king.

#1 – That was a close shave!

Product: Zafirro Iridium Razor
Price Tag: $100,000.00
Stubble can be sexy, but when it’s time for your man to don the clean cut look get him the Zafirro Iridium Razor. This razor is the emperor of all razors. Everything about it is of the highest possible quality. Perhaps the thing that sets this razor apart the most is its blades which are:

  • Made of pure white sapphires
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Immune to corrosion
  • 5,000 times thinner than a human hair (at the edge)

It isn’t just the razor blade that’s one-of-a-kind. The handle is also unique with a centerpiece that is 99.95% pure iridium. Iridium is a rare material (10 times rarer than platinum) and is most often derived from meteorites. That means this razor is literally out of this world!

#2 – Game on!

Product: Geoffrey Parker’s Billionare Monopoly
Price Tag: $12,821.23 (approximately)
If that special man in your life is still young at heart and appreciates a good board game now and again this monopoly set is the perfect gift. Geoffrey Parker has updated the game to center around British locations (such as Mayfair) and to reflect more current property prices. Each piece is handmade to provide a game that is of superb quality and sure to last years. The playing pieces are made from sterling silver and have been updated to reflect luxury; they include a:

  • Super yacht
  • Private jet
  • Helicopter
  • Motor boat
  • Champagne bottle
  • Aston Martin
  • Rolls Royce
  • Private island
  • Polo player
  • Crown

So cozy up to the fire this holiday season and get your game on!

#3 – Can I get that in writing?

Product: Jack Row Architect Fountain Pen
Price Tag: $38,890.00
A pen may seem like a rather boring gift for the man in your life but this pen is anything but. The Architect Fountain Pen is crafted out of:

  • 18ct white gold
  • Solid silver bullion
  • A 22ct gold and rhodium plate
  • Diamonds
  • 18ct gold nib
  • Iridium

All of these materials work together to create a pen that is stunning and luxurious in appearance while being very durable and top notch in terms of quality. The 18ct white gold is a filigree encasing an inner barrel of solid silver bullion. The bullion is enhanced with a 22ct hard gold and rhodium plate. Diamonds (approximately .9ct worth) are hand set into the pen’s cap and barrel. The 18ct gold nib is tipped with iridium which is one of the world’s strongest and densest metals. All in all, this pen not only makes a statement but underlines it as well!

#4 – Tailgate party!

Product: Bulleit Woody Tailgate Trailer
Price Tag: $150,000.00
If your man is a sports addict (or just loves an excuse to get the guys together to do a little drinking and eat foods found in the dictionary under “heart attack”), the Bulleit Woody Tailgate Trailer will make him shriek with joy. This trailer provides everything from the beverages to the entertainment including:

  • Leather furnishings
  • Wood finishes handcrafted from reclaimed bourbon casks
  • Glassware
  • A Sony flat screen television
  • A blu-ray Disc player
  • A One year supply of Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye

With this luxury trailer, his tailgating party will be the party of the year!

#5 – Are you a pool shark?

Product: Waterproof Pool Table
Price Tag: $6,500.00
This gift allows your man to lounge in the pool and soak up some rays all while practicing his pool game. Each table is completely weatherproof from the frame to the surface, custom made, and professionally installed. They’re made out of:

  • Corrosion resistant aluminum
  • Quality imported slate

The only question now, is whether you’re stripes or solids.

#6 – Ready, aim, fire!

Product: Gentleman’s Shooting Companion
Price Tag: $5,635.35 (approximately)
A wonderful example of a “manly” gift, the gentleman’s shooting companion is great for shooting parties or more leisurely pursuits such as simply relaxing on the front porch. The box itself is made out of oiled walnut. There are durable leather handles for transporting the box as needed and a nickel bracket at each corner to provide protection from nicks and scratches. The box also has a sterling silver plaque which can be custom engraved. While the outside is certainly a sight to behold, the interior contains luxurious surprises as well, including:

  • A walnut wood rack
  • 8 pewter cups which fit into the wood rack
  • 2 lead crystal etched decanters with rosewood caps
  • A walnut box with a built in cigar cutter
  • 8 Corona No 5 cigars which fit into the walnut box

#7 – It’s on a need to know basis.

Product: Underwood Biometric Briefcase
Price Tag: $13,200.00
Whether your man is an international spy, top level executive, or ivy league professor, this briefcase is a an excellent accessory (yes, men can have accessories). It’s the prefect way to hide top secret documents whether they pertain to terrorists, corporate takeovers, or final exams. The briefcase uses biometric fingerprint recognition security to keep it’s contents safe. No more worries about losing or forgetting passwords and combinations. The briefcase is available in:

  • Black Italian leather
  • Brown Italian leather
  • Tan Italian leather
  • Black crocodile stamped leather
  • Brown crocodile stamped leather
  • Black ostrich stamped leather
  • Brown ostrich stamped leather

#8 – Don’t pop your cork!

Product: Sveid Corkscrew
Price Tag: $63,353.00 (approximately)
This corkscrew is for a true wine lover. It’s composed of 52 pieces of aviation titanium, giving it a sleek and slightly alternative appearance. Each corkscrew is made to order, and here are some of the options you to choose from:

  • 18 carat gold or platinum fingertip lever
  • Different woods for the presentation box
  • Different colors for the chagreen that lines the box
  • Engraving for the corkscrew
  • Engraving for the box

#9 – I’m the king of the castle.

Product: Fit For A King Caster
Price Tag: $800,000.00 (per caster)
If your man thinks he’s king of the castle, these gold and gem encrusted casters are just the thing for his throne or favorite chair. In fact, they’re great for use anywhere in the house including tables, desks, chairs, toolboxes, entertainment centers, or humidors. These casters are beautiful and functional; they bring a glittering light to any area of the home, and are prefect for use on just about any surface including hardwood floors. Each caster is:

  • Solid yellow gold
  • Enhanced with yellow sapphires
  • Enhanced with white sapphires
  • Enhanced with diamonds

Heck, it’s better than a crown!

#10 – I’ll drink to that!

Product: The Macallan in Linley Miniatures Box
Price Tag: $4,183.40 (approximately)
In the books, scotch (and soda) was the drink of choice for the the oh-so-sophisticated Mr. James Bond (a.k.a. 007). Help your man find his suave, secret agent side this holiday season with the Macallan in Linley Miniatures Box which includes a sampling of fine scotches. The box itself is handcrafted from Burr Oak and English Oak and contains six mini bottles. Each box contains vintages from the following years:

  • 1947
  • 1952
  • 1965
  • 1969
  • 1976
  • 1989

For more gifts that are prefect for that international man of mystery check out the following slideshow:

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