Santa’s Swag Bag: A Lady’s Luxury Gift Guide

Gentleman, that special lady in your life deserves a gift that is equally special. Now, of course, she’s priceless, and while no gift can match that, there are some that can truly make her face light up and tug at her heartstrings this holiday season. So, skip the bath and beauty stores with their cloying scents, the boutiques with their delicate trinkets that will break before you can get back to the car, and the high-end lingerie stores (that’s really a gift for you). Instead, refer to this luxury gift guide for the lovely lady in your life because this year, Santa’s got a brand new bag – and its filled with swag!

#1 – Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Product:Diamond covered laptop sleeve Diamond Laptop Sleeve
Price Tag: $11,000,000.00
A dog may be man’s best friends, but the ladies prefer diamonds. If you want to get her something practical this holiday season, go for this laptop sleeve. It’s glamorous, it’s unique, and it allows her to protect her laptop. Here’s what this sleeve has to offer:

  • Covered with over 8,500 diamonds
  • Each diamond is graded VS in terms of clarity
  • Each diamond is graded F in color
  • The opening is lined with black sable fur from Siberia

Okay, maybe it isn’t totally practical, but she’ll still love it!

#2 – Step up your game!

Product: Watersnake Swarovski crystal backgammon board gameGeoffrey Parker’s Watersnake Swarovski Crystal Backgammon Board
Price Tag: $8,614.03 (approximately)
For the girl that loves to play games, this is the perfect present. This game is entirely handmade to provide durabil