Santa’s Swag Bag: A Lady’s Luxury Gift Guide

Gentleman, that special lady in your life deserves a gift that is equally special. Now, of course, she’s priceless, and while no gift can match that, there are some that can truly make her face light up and tug at her heartstrings this holiday season. So, skip the bath and beauty stores with their cloying scents, the boutiques with their delicate trinkets that will break before you can get back to the car, and the high-end lingerie stores (that’s really a gift for you). Instead, refer to this luxury gift guide for the lovely lady in your life because this year, Santa’s got a brand new bag – and its filled with swag!

#1 – Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Product:Diamond covered laptop sleeve Diamond Laptop Sleeve
Price Tag: $11,000,000.00
A dog may be man’s best friends, but the ladies prefer diamonds. If you want to get her something practical this holiday season, go for this laptop sleeve. It’s glamorous, it’s unique, and it allows her to protect her laptop. Here’s what this sleeve has to offer:

  • Covered with over 8,500 diamonds
  • Each diamond is graded VS in terms of clarity
  • Each diamond is graded F in color
  • The opening is lined with black sable fur from Siberia

Okay, maybe it isn’t totally practical, but she’ll still love it!

#2 – Step up your game!

Product: Watersnake Swarovski crystal backgammon board gameGeoffrey Parker’s Watersnake Swarovski Crystal Backgammon Board
Price Tag: $8,614.03 (approximately)
For the girl that loves to play games, this is the perfect present. This game is entirely handmade to provide durability and the highest possible quality. This set is the picture of luxury; the materials used include:

  • Watersnake skin
  • Swavarski crystals
  • Nickel
  • Hand-stitched leather

Let the games begin!

#3 – Vintage is in.

Product: Louis Vuitton vintage shoe trunkVintage Louis Vuitton Shoe Trunk
Price Tag: $62,793.90 (approximately)
It’s a well known fact that women love shoes. In fact, it could be argued that shoes (rather than diamonds) are a woman’s best friend. If the lady in your life has a closet full of shoes and you can’t think of a single additional pair to to get her this holiday season well, you should think harder. No, just kidding, but seriously gentleman, there are always more shoes! However, you could also consider this vintage, truly beautiful Louis Vuitton shoe trunk. The trunk:

  • Dates back to the 1920s
  • Is a Louis Vuitton Malle Chaussures Grande Modele (large shoe trunk)
  • Comes in monogram canvas
  • Includes 3 original trays
  • Can hold up to 20 pairs of shoes
  • Is 91 cm in length

Hmm, she may need 2 (or 3) to hold all of her shoes!

#4 – Is your vision 20/20?

Product: Diana S luxury eye glasses frameDiana S Luxury Eyewear Frame
Price Tag: $4,399.00
With these glasses, people may gawk at your girl, but not because she’s a nerd or a “four eyes” – they simply won’t be able to take their eyes off of her. These frames make it cool to wear glasses; in fact, women will be crossing their fingers for less than perfect sight! These glasses are:

  • Crafted in Europe
  • Made of silver
  • Include 91 high quality white diamonds
  • Have clear lenses

#5 – Fit for a queen.A Diamond Is Forever caster from Caster Specialists

Product: A Diamond Is Forever Caster
Price Tag: $2,000,000.00
This stunning caster is sure to be any girl’s best friend. With over 100,000 diamonds, this caster has the appearance of shimmering liquid. All the diamonds flow together almost seamlessly to give the appearance of unity. This product is great for use on chairs, vanities, entertainment centers, doggy day beds, tables, and makeup cases. Each diamond is:

  • Hand set into the Caster
  • Handpicked for quality
  • Graded VS in clarity
  • Graded F in color

#6 – The Sound of Music

Product: The Swiss Watchmaker’s Boite a Musique
Price Tag: $28,900.00
This music box is as beautiful on the outside as the music emitting from the inside. Expertly crafted in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland, this gift is sleek in appearance and sentimental in nature – the perfect out of the box gift (which, a little ironically, is a box). Apparently, being beautiful is hard work because it takes three months and 32 steps to craft this music box! Weighing in at just 12 pounds, this music box has:

  • 3,800 wire pins
  • 72 note tempered steel combs
  • A rotating brass cylinder lined with resin
  • A carbon fiber “sail” Swiss Watchmaker's Boite a Musique
  • A maple inlaid mahogany deck with a brushed nickel base plate

This little beauty plays four different musical selections:

  • The Four Seasons by Vivaldi
  • Hungarian Rhapsody by Liszt
  • La Traviata by Verdi
  • Carmen by Bizet

#7 – That has a nice ring to it! Princess Diana style blue sapphire ring

Product: Blue Sapphire Ring
Price Tag: $1,500,000.00
This isn’t just a ring, it’s the ring. It’s a ring fit for a queen or perhaps a princess is a little more accurate since its modeled after Princess Diana’s. It’s truly fabulous, flawless, and beyond luxurious. Here are the specs:

  • The bulk of the ring is composed of an untreated blue sapphire weighing 69.35cts
  • The sapphire is surrounded by shimmering diamonds weighing a total of 8cts
  • The gems are set in handcrafted platinum
  • It is the largest Princess Diana replica ring available

So, what are you waiting for Prince Charming?

#8 – You’re looking good just like a snake in the grass…. Salvatore Ferragamo Sakis Boot

Product: Salvatore Ferragamo Sakis Boot
Price Tag: $6,500.00
This holiday season, kick things up a notch with a sinfully superb pair of shoes for that special girl. The Sakis Boot is just the ticket. It’s an over the knee, sassy python boa print boot with a 4 inch heel. In addition, the sole is high quality leather crafted to be long lasting. The look is completed with lace up detailing that extends the length of the sheath to provide the boot with that little something extra.

#9 – Diamonds Are Forever

Product: Black Diamond Interlocking Bangle
Price Tag: $24,135.40 (approximately)
While your girl may not get references to the James Bond film series (such as the one above, “Diamond Are Forever”), she will most definitely get this beautiful piece of black diamond interlocking banglejewelry. If you’re looking for something both classy and versatile this is an excellent choice. This piece of jewelry marries contemporary and romantic together and is easy to wear alone or pair with other pieces such as multiple bangles. It’s:

  • Constructed with 18k white gold
  • Set with 2.85cts of black diamond Pave
  • Measures 57 mm (inside diameter)

#10 – USB: Universally Spectacular and Beautiful! Magic Mushroom USB Key

Product: Magic Mushroom USB Key
Price Tag: $36,900.00 (varies)
If computer’s are your woman’s “thing” then this could be the perfect little accessory. Created to be reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, this magic mushroom USB key is sure to have her grinning like a Cheshire cat. With 32 GB of memory, this magical trinket is made of:

  • White gold
  • White diamonds
  • Emeralds

If this look isn’t quite the style she prefers, don’t worry, because it’s actually part of a collection of 8 USB-keys all shaped like mushrooms and incorporating precious gems such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds as well as yellow and white gold. However, the price does vary depending on the materials used.

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