Hytrol EZ-Logic: The Most Advanced MDR Conveyor System in the Industry

hytrol conveyor

MDRs, or motor-driven rollers, are the future of many conveyor systems. Efficiency, versatility, zero-line pressure, and reduced maintenance are only some of the features and benefits of this rapidly expanding technology.

The late 1960s introduced the lineshaft conveyor, which provided a revolutionary conveyor design for warehouses and other material handling facilities. It was a low-cost alternative to flat belt or chain-driven roller conveyors where low line pressure was required for product accumulation. To this day, it remains in service in a multitude of conveyor systems.

Although lineshaft conveyors provide for a wide range of applications, it is not without its disadvantages. There is a limited range of product weight capabilities for both heavier and lighter weight packages, which prevents the user from expanding product size and variety.

Maintenance is also problemati