Move Update: We’re in!


Our team is just wrapping up putting the last few boxes away, the last few pallets in the rack, and the last few computers on desks. We’re excited to let you know that things are going well and we are on track to resume shipments on Monday, March 4! Our assembly teams are busy building the first orders in our Westlake production facility, as we speak. 

Most of all

We’d like to thank our team for all their help throughout this move. We started this project late last year, it’s been about 6 months in all. The dedication and support of our employees helped us make this transition go so smoothly. We’ve quickly compiled some photos and video of our teams hard at work. We’d love for you to take a look.

Here's our team in action!

Thanks for your patience!

We’re exceptionally grateful for the patience and understanding that our customers and vendors have afforded us during the move. We’re as successful as we are because we have great partners like you. We’re excited to get rolling again, too.

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Brynda D Gordon

Wow, very nice indeed. Great job everyone!!!!! Did you leave room on the pallets for ball transfer units? lol

Hi to all my previous coworkers and friends at
CC/EFI. !! And congratulations on your new
work stations and benches. 👍. 😎

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