Move Update: We’re almost ready!

Westlake Lobby

It’s been a week since we announced our big move and a lot has happened already. Our accounting, customer service, and IT teams are packed and ready to go! At the end of this week, we’ll be all moved in.

Shipment interruption starts tomorrow

We’re writing to remind you that our last shipping day from Cleveland is tomorrow, Wednesday, February 27. We will not be shipping orders on Thursday, February 28 or Friday, March 1. We will resume shipment from our new Westlake, Ohio location on Monday, March 4. Last week’s update included additional information.

And now for an update

Last week, we showed you the entrance. This week, we’re showing you some more: some freshly set up offices and a time-lapse of our pallet rack going up.

Our Inside Sales Manager, Dave Gareau, has a brand new adjustable-height, Gen2 desk.
The rear of Dave's office.

We’d like to thank you for your patience and support throughout our move. We’re able to make this move because we have amazing customers, vendors, and employees. We’ll check in at the end of the week. Until then, our customer service team is fully staffed and ready to help, you can call them at 844-863-7670 or contact us.

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