Need Versatility? Explore the Benefits of Wire Mesh Panels


In the material handling space, nothing is more important than keeping your employees safe and your assets secure. Due to their versatility, wire mesh panels are perfect for both, and have nearly endless other industrial applications! Whether you’re looking to keep employees safe from hazards, or secure valuable tools and equipment, there’s an application that will fit your needs. 

Security Applications

Storage Cabinets and Lockers

Made with either welded or woven wire mesh panels, wire enclosures are perfect for storage cabinets and lockers. Their modular design makes them popular in apartment and condo complexes. They are ideal for creating storage solutions in parking decks or other common areas, allowing tenants to securely store items on-site. Similar enclosures are also popular with municipalities for evidence and holding cells.

Smaller, more personal-sized lockers are often used in technician dispatch locations. These technician lockers can be loaded by parts managers from one side, with drivers and technicians only having access to the other side. When combined with a padlock, card reader or other personal lock, drivers only have access to their supply of parts and tools.

Driver Cages

If you are looking to control the amount of access drivers or other external visitors have to your warehouse or distribution centers, a driver cage is your answer. Cages can be installed around an entrance door allowing drivers into your building to escape the elements while also keeping their access limited and protecting them from potential hazards. Cages can be fitted with a service window with a counter and benches.

Server Cages

With today’s digital landscape, protecting the integrity of business data has never been more crucial. Woven wire partitions and cages are ideal for protecting the servers hosting your most important data. Made from high gauge steel and various grid patterns, these panels secure data centers from physical harm, while also ensuring proper air circulation and ventilation is maintained for optimal performance.

Safety Applications

Machine Guards

While keeping facilities and materials secure is important, employee safety is paramount. When used as machine guards, wire cages and partitions provide a barrier between workers and automated machinery. They can also protect against injuries from machine malfunctions or projectiles created during the machining process. When fitted with a welding guard or curtain, additional protection is provided from sparks and welding flash.

Pallet Guards

Wire panels can also be attached to pallet racks, protecting employees from falling items. When attached to racks, these panels provide a more effective rigid protection than netting. Panels can also be mounted on a track of rollers on the front of racks for added security of high-value products.

Are you looking to improve safety or security in your facility? Wire mesh cages or partitions may be the solution! Contact the material handling experts at Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry to learn how we can build a custom solution to fit your needs.

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