Prefabricated Steel Mezzanine Saves Manufacturer Time


A Midwest-based plastic container and lid manufacturer reached out to us late last year. The plastics industry is a crowded space with lots of competition. This manufacturer sets itself apart by providing a full-service experience, including research and development, product design, and mold manufacturing, all in-house. By owning and controlling all parts of the value stream, they can deliver the final product in weeks compared to the months it takes others. They are proud of their speedy delivery and needed a speedy delivery from us, as well.

Efficency requires more than speed

Plastics are bulky and relatively expensive to ship, so having production facilities close to your customer is important. This manufacturer was opening a new plant in a new city. We’ve worked together before, providing conveyors and modular in-plant offices. The manufacturer understood that efficiency was more than just moving quickly. They knew that they needed to get the most production out of the new space as they could. Plastic injection molding presses have a lot of support equipment like compressors, grinders, and hoppers. Employees need to access this equipment. They realized that by locating the support equipment above the presses, they could add more presses to their shop floor.

The manufacturer contacted a mezzanine manufacturer directly and requested a quote for a pre-fabricated steel mezzanine. Pre-fabricated steel mezzanines are an excellent option for adding more square footage to an existing building. They are simple, clean to instal,l and stand the test of time. Typically, no on-site welding is required. The manufacturer quoted them a mezzanine that had a 16-week lead-time, nearly four months. That wasn’t acceptable to our customer.

Distributors help you save time

This manufacturer reached out to their Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry account manager to see if we could help. The account manager and our technical team gathered the specifications and sourced a quotation. We were able to provide a pre-fabricated steel mezzanine delivered in only nine weeks. The customer was thrilled about this as it saved them nearly two months!

Pre-fabricated steel mezzanines go up quickly, for what they are. The customer gave our installation crew five weeks to get the mezzanine set up after delivery. Our installer worked efficiently and much to the delight of our customer finished the installation in only three weeks.

By contacting Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry, our customer was ready to go with their new pre-fabricated steel mezzanine two months earlier than they would have been otherwise. This gave them more time to install their value-adding equipment like plastic injection molding presses, plastic grinders, compressors, and hoppers. We say that “we keep your business rolling”, sometimes we do that with stationary pre-fabricated steel mezzanines.

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