Custom Stem Solution

Having just completed the caster mounting series, it came as quite a surprise when we saw this caster.  Shown on right is a  kingpinless caster with a 2” x 2” angle stem for mounting.  The caster had to be designed as shown to reduce the mounting height of the caster as much as possible.

The caster is composed of a 71 series rig, welded to a 2” x 2” angle iron section, that has been punched for mounting.  The wheel is 2-1/2” diameter glass filled nylon wheel.  In order to distinguish the caster from older stock, which has a higher overall height, and is therefore incompatible with this caster, it has been zinc-dichromate plated.  Zinc-dichromate provides the brass/gold finish shown.

Got an odd application, let us know.  We love working on them.

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