Polyurethane Problems

A customer recently approached us with a pressing problem.  They were burning through wheels, left and right.  The sheer weight of the cart pressed the nuts and bolts into the tread of the wheel.  The cart took six 10” x 4” polyurethane on iron wheels, to service a 42,000 lb load. Polyurethane is supposed to roll over obstructions without picking up the debris.

We discovered that the problem was the grade of urethane.  A low-grade material, despite its durometer, can become impregnated with obstructions.  In order to solve the problem, the wheels were replaced with an ultra high-performance poly.

Under normal circumstances, the standard wheels would have done just fine, but under such heavy load (7,000 lbs per wheel) the lower grade polyurethane simply couldn’t hold up.

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