Find The Right Caster For Your Application

Take the stress out of handling your materials with our durably constructed casters. Our casters make equipment more mobile and provide a quick and easy way to bring efficiency to your operations. Whether you need casters for furniture, heavy-duty adjustable casters, swivel casters, adjustable wheel casters, or virtually any other type of caster, we offer a wide assortment from leading manufacturers. To learn more about the different types of casters as well as our other products, including conveyor systems and pallet racks, contact us today.

Furniture Casters

Looking to upgrade the existing casters for your furniture, fixtures, and/or displays? We offer a full line of furniture casters available for use with chairs, tables, and carts, as well as store fixtures and displays. Can’t find a caster that fully fits your needs?

Institutional Casters

Our institutional casters are perfect for restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, schools, and any other environment where light-duty carts are used. Can’t find a caster that fully fits your needs?

Medium Duty Casters

Medium-duty casters are well-suited for virtually any material handling application. Mostly found in warehouses, factories, and distribution centers, medium-duty casters are perfect for use on platform trucks, rolling stock, and other carts. These casters feature durable construction, a variety of options including brakes, swivel locks, and total locks. Capacities range up to 1,600 pounds. Can’t find a caster that fully fits your needs?

Heavy Duty Casters

With nut and bolt kingpin or kingpinless designs, our heavy-duty casters are engineered for loads up to 5,400 pounds. These casters will hold up to your most demanding applications, including towing, impact, and shock loading. Can’t find a caster that fully fits your needs?

Medical Casters

In order to easily transport medical equipment from room to room, you need medical casters you can rely on. Our medical casters are suitable for use on IV poles, chairs, crash carts, surgical trays, and more. Options include chrome, plastic, or stainless construction, total lock brakes, direction locks, and antimicrobial tread. Can’t find a caster that fully fits your needs?

Caster Accessories

We stock a variety of accessories for all of our caster series. Can’t find a caster that fully fits your needs?